Hemp beauty industry in the world and Ukraine (from the use of grain derivatives, young shoots and roots in cosmetic formulations to the “green mass” cannabis

Описание исследования

For millennia, humanity has actively used cannabis leaves and inflorescences as one of the most effective ingredients in the formulation of cosmetic preparations. Modern science clearly demonstrates that the receptors of the endocannabinoid system are located on the entire surface of the mammalian body, so the use of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, as well as other biologically active substances with huge therapeutic properties for the manufacture of effective cosmetic preparations is exactly what humanity has provided as a blessing nature itself.

The lack of the necessary regulatory framework governing the use of hemp “green mass” for the production of national cosmetic products, as well as the presence on the domestic market of low-quality cosmetic products of foreign manufacture made using synthetic raw materials and not possessing the healing properties of hemp plants or products containing includes extracts of drug-free cannabinoids harassed by law enforcement, predetermined Parts Required analysis of the market and finding acceptable ways to develop national legal market cannabinoid cosmetics.

The positive experience of the “launch” in the domestic market of hemp cosmetics, as well as the accumulated data for more than a 3-year sales period, became the basis for initiating a study of the market for cosmetics made using various hemp ingredients. The data obtained during the study will be used to focus the attention of the consumer of materials on existing and emerging market trends, to develop recommendations necessary for the further development of hemp cosmetics business, as well as to formulate the tasks, having decided that a legal cannabinoid cosmetics market should appear in the country.

The study will be attended by specialists from a number of companies producing cosmetic products in the country, which include various hemp ingredients, government officials of the central executive authorities, responsible for shaping the state policy in this area of ​​activity, as well as for regulatory support of the functioning of modern national hemp breeding. In addition, a special questionnaire will be created, within which consumers of hemp cosmetic products will share their feelings, as well as personal experience with the use of cosmetic products, which include various hemp ingredients of both national and foreign production.

As a result of the study, the materials will be systematized and published on the pages of the profile electronic publication of Ukrainian hemp breeders. They will be of interest to hemp industry experts, decision makers in the beauty industry, as well as citizens using cosmetic products and personal care products made using various hemp ingredients.